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May 2005  Established Onesty Co., Ltd.

July  2005  Started sales promotion business of internet optical fiber

Feb. 2007  Released "Relafuri", a portal site focusing on beauty and health care         industry
Jul.   2008  Released "Rejob", a job posting site focusing on beauty and health care         industry
Nov. 2009  Established Rejob Co., Ltd. with business expansion of "Ryojob"
       (Sold to ZIGEN at approximately 20 million yen on September 2014)
Dec. 2009  Established Onesty Marketing Co., Ltd.

Jul.   2011  Established Xvolve Inc. mainly for mobile application business in San         Francisco, USA

Apr.  2012 Co-development of group matching application "Meeple" for the American        market

Nov. 2014  Inauguration of Shizuko Mochizuki CEO

Nov. 2014  Relocation of Head Office (Aoi Ward, Shizuoka City)

Jul.   2016  Co-development and release of a mobile counseling service "BEHEARD"

Jul.   2017  Started Rental apartments advertisement / attraction proxy service        "XpatsRoom"

Aug. 2017  Acquired Intellectual Property Rights / Program from Xvolve "BEHEARD"

Aug. 2017  Started advertisement for buying real estate / Advertising Agency Service         "XpatsHome"
Aug. 2017  Started matching platform "XpatsAgent" between head hunters and job         seekers
Sept.   2017  Started concierge mobile messaging service "XpatsButler"



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